3 girls arrested from Kalanki for sex trade

The police has arrested four people including three girls in sex trade. The police had raided a home in Dhungeadda, Kalanki on suspicion of prostitution. According to report, the police has arrested Bhim Raj Mishra. The police has accused Bhim Raj and Usha Malla of running a brothel in the house. Two other girls were kept by the two for the satisfaction of their clients.

Police inspector of Mahanagar Police, Thankot, Sharmila Gurung has confirmed the arrests and has told that they will be punished according to the prevailing laws of Nepal.

Why are people arrested on prostitution?

Prostitution is illegal in Nepal. Although law doesn’t allow the trade, it is quite common illegal practice in various parts of the country. Small hotels and restaurants by the side of roads and that in the city area are popular for sex trade. There is a previously written report about the trade in Pokhara and the East Nepal. According to the girls in the trade, police and the army officers are the majority of their clients. That is a huge conflict of interest.

If police are the clients of those girls, how can the trade be illegal? When the girls are being arrested, that usually occur when they are in bad terms with the police. Some, government officers are also bribed so that the trade could be run without problem.

Although the arrests like this are quite common, the trade keeps on flourishing in another location. There reportedly is an underground network of pimps who help the girls run the trade smoothly. The network involves small restaurants, cabin restaurants, hotels, motels and other retail businesses. They also keep record of regular clients.

(A report by Ram Sharan Bajagain.)

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