Archana Peneru, Fake marriage, Fake husband arrested (UPDATE Video)

UPDATE: The fake husband of Archana Paenru is arrested by Nepal police. Wolf Price, a US citizen was found to be doing illegal works in Nepal and was arrested. The police is going to keep him locked up and gather details of the things he did in his stay in Nepal. The police has reportedly found links between Price and Archana Paneru.

Video report:

The text from the original article I wrote a while ago:

Archana is an actress of two Nepali films ‘Jism’ and ‘Chhesko’

She got an instant popularity because of racy photos she shared in Facebook.

The instant popularity vanished as soon as it appeared.

The popularity in social media was sudden and short-lived.

These days, she is trying to create a controversy so that she could enjoy the popularity again.

But, her attempts are not working this time.


Marriage rumour of Archana Paneru

– Archana announced that she got married to a foreign guy. She shared photos of them together in her Facebook.

– But, when nobody cared about the “news” and it didn’t make any headlines – she made a video to confirm their marriage. Her mother also told the same thing.

– I didn’t write about the marriage because it looked very suspicious and sound more like a propaganda.

– It later turned out to be a fake marriage just to create media attention.

The following video report tells about the marriage. But, the video above has all the details.

The video in which Archana and her mother told about the marriage to be true is in the first video.

– The Facebook live video clip is also included in the video – making is clear that the mother-daughter duo had made it all for publicity. But, it was a failed attempt, creating a very skeptical image of Archana Paneru.

– On April 5, 2018 Archana told, “I had lied about marriage. I am still single.”

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