Artists organized a special treat for Richa Ghimire and Sanchita Luitel

Nepali actresses Richa Ghimire and Sanchita Luitel and going to give birth within a couple of months. Richa is expecting in a month and Sanchita in two months. To welcome the new child, Nepali movie artists organized a special ceremony. In Nepali tradition, to be moms are fed beaten rice and yogurt (dahi chiura) before the childbirth.


Present in the ‘dahi chiura’ ceremony were the new moms Melina Manandhar and Arunima Lamsal who had given birth to their children last year. Melina’s husband and actor Mukesh Dhakal, choreographer Govinda Rai, hair dresser Lokesh Thapa, director Suresh Darpan Pokharel, choreographer Ponam Rai, ‘3 Lovers’ actor Debu Shrestha, Bimalesh Adhikari were also present in the ceremony held in Richa’s home.

It is the first child of Richa Ghimire who had married director Shankar Ghimire. Richa told that she is expecting a son as her first child. Sanchita who has a toddler 10-months-old son married actor Nikhil Upreti, second marriage for both of them. Sanchita wanted to keep the unborn child’s sex a secret. Last year, Sanchita and Arunima were also given a similar treat of Dahi Chiura before their childbirth. Sanchita became pregnant again within a few months of her childbirth.


Update: Bimalesh Adhikari posted the following photo in his Facebook profile.


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