The Constitution of Nepal – Preamble (Part 0)

The Constitution of Nepal

The following video shows the Preamble of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS in audio (in Nepali) with the English sub-titles. In the video, the text shown is the video is read.

The transcript of the sub-title:

We, the people of Nepal, in exercise of the sovereign powers inherent in us,
Embracing the sovereign right of the people and the right to autonomy and self- rule, by maintaining Nepal’s independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national unity, freedom and dignity,
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The first Constitution of Nepal – 1946 (Download PDF)

The Government Act of Nepal – 2004 is the first constitution of Nepal. The government led by Rana regime adopted the governing law in 1946 (2004 BS). That was three years before the Rana regime was overthrown by the King.

constitution of Nepal 2004 BS

At the time of the adaptation of the law, there was a huge disagreement among the Rana official. To formulate the first law in Nepal, a ‘Baidhanik Sudhar Samiti’ was formed. Bahadur Shumsher JB Rana was named to head the body but, when Bahadur Shumsher refused to take the responsibility, Shimha Shumsher JB Rana was named the president and Subarna Shumsher Rana was named the secretary and Kulnath Lohani was named the advisor. The draft prepared by Rana duo and Lohani. The constitution was finalized on Magh 13, 2004 BS by the prime minister Padma Shumsher JB Rana and it was scheduled to be fully implemented by the end of 2005 BS. In the constitution, the kings, “Shree Panch Maharajadhiraja of Nepal” had to delegate all the powers of the State to the Rana prime ministers, “Shree 3 Maharajas.”

After issues in the implementation of the constitution, Padma Shumsher JB Rana resigned from the post of prime minister. The new prime minister Chandra Shumsher JB Rana shelved the constitution and made it ineffective.

Full text of the constitution is attached.
1948 Constitution of Nepal 2004 Government Act (English)

Madhesh leaders propose 35 points amendments to the Constitution

The protesting Madheshi leaders have proposed a 4-page-long amendments to the recently finalized Constitution of Nepal 2015. The demands are mostly related to the changes to be made for the benefits of the residents of the Terai region. The 35-points long propose was given to the government of Nepal by the Madhesi Morcha.

The 4-pages-long demands were published in Nagariknews.

deamand 1 and 2

Madhesh Morcha Demand 1

The first demand is to recognize the Madhesh protest in the Preamble. The Preamble remembers “historical people’s movements and armed struggles” at around 0:44 in the following video, the demand is to include Madhesi struggle:

Madhesh Morcha Demand 2

The second demand is about the Clause 7, sub-clause 1 to make the official business of the Nepal government to be made multiple languages. The clause is located at 2:47 in the following video.

Madhesh Morcha Demand 3

The third demand refers to clause 11 (6) and clause 14

demand 3

The clauses are located at around 2:10 and 4:15 respectively in the following video:

Madhesh Morcha Demands 4 and 5

This demand relates to clause 289 (1).

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Highlights of the Constitution of Nepal 2015

Here are the highlights of the new Constitution of Nepal (2015).

constitution of nepal highlight

The constitution has:

  • 35 Parts
  • 308 Sections
  • 9 Schedules


  • Schedule 1 gives the details of the National Flag of Nepal
  • Schedule 2 is for the National Anthem of Nepal
  • Schedule 3 details the Coat of Arms of Nepal
  • Schedule 4 Provinces and Districts within Provinces
  • Schedule 5 gives the List of Federal powers/jurisdiction
  • Schedule 6 List of Provincial powers/jurisdiction
  • Schedule 7 List of concurrent powers/jurisdiction of Federation and Province
  • Schedule 8 List of powers/jurisdiction of Local Level
  • Schedule 9 List of concurrent powers/jurisdiction of Federation, Province and Local level

The details of each of the parts of the constitution are listed below. For each of the part, there will be an audio recording in coming day. So far, the recording of the first 6 parts of the constitution is complete. 
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Nepal Ko Sambidhan 2072 (Constitution of Nepal, 2072)

The new constitution of Nepal, “Nepal Ko Sambidhan 2072” was released on September 20, 2015 (Ashoj 3 2072 B.S.) by the Constitution Assembly. The constitution has been officially approved by the by President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

constitution of nepal audio

The constitution book was drafted by the team of 601 Constitution Assembly (CA) members elected by the citizen of Nepal. When the first CA failed to complete the writing process in its 4-years-long tenure, second election of CA elected the assembly that finalized the constitution. The first meeting of the CA after election was held on Magh 8, 2071 BS. As of Ashoj 3 the assembly had met 135 times in 130 days.

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Narayan Wagle, journalist and author

Narayan Wagle is a well known journalist and an author in Nepal.

Profile of Narayan Wagle

Name – Narayan Wagle
Birthday – Ashad 4, 2025
Birthplace – Dharmapani, Kyamin Chapthok VDC, Tanahun
Eduction – Bachelors
Spouse – Nikita Wagle
Daughter – Nasala Wagle

narayan wagle

Journalist Narayan Wagle

Wagle started journalism career in ‘Janamanch’ weekly. In Kantipur Daily, Wagle started as a reporter and progressed to news editor and finally became the Chief Editor of the newspaper, one of the country’s largest circulating newspapers.

  • Editor of Kantipur Daily till 2008
  • Editor of Nagarik News until May 18, 2012
  • Editor of Setopati online newspaper (as of September 2015)

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Nepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe

palpasa cafeNepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe
Author – Narayan Wagle
Read by – Achyut Ghimire
Program – Radio Bachan
Station – Ujjyalo 90

The novel ‘Palpasa Cafe’ by journalist and writer Narayan Wagle had won the Madan Puraskar – the top literature award in Nepal. The audio version of the book was read for the radio program Shruti Sambeg by Achyut Ghimire.

In addition to being award winner, novel, the book is one of the best seller books in Nepal.

The novel presents the story at the time of Maoist civil war. The novel tells the story of a painter. The first book of the author was sold 25,000 copy on the year of the release. 2061

The novel has been translated into English and Korean languages. As of July 2012, 52,000 copies of the book had been sold. The novel is also available in Ebook format. The book is believed to be the first Nepali books to be available in Amazon online book store.

After the success of ‘Palpasa Cafe’, Narayan Wagle had written the second novel ‘Mayur Times’.

Buy the book in Amazon USA (Nepali e-book):

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