Novel – Abiral Bagdachha Indrawati (Ramesh Bikal) Audio Book

A popular novel of writer Ramesh Bikal was published in Sajha Prakashan.

Flowing is the character of a river. It just flows and nothing can stop it’s flow. If there are some obstacles on the way, it doesn’t complain. It finds its way to meet the ocean. Life flows along the rivers in some rivers. Indrawati river carries the sweat of the people who live by it’s bank. That is why the colour of the river is dark blue.

Poor Majhi people, Danuwar people make their living by fishing in the river. They fish in different parts of the river, they use different types of the nets, traps and tools. They catch fishes, crabs and other foods.

The story of this novel is the sad life story of the people living by the bank of the river. He gave a real-life picture of the fishermen who live in the area ranging from Sipaghat to Dolalghat. He has painted the picture of the socio-economic lives of the people in the are. Ramesh Bikal had seen the lives of the people during a decade in 1930s.

The book is read by Khagendra Nepali. Khagendra is a well known journalist who had impressed the listers of BBC Nepali.

Ramesh Bikal’s real name is Rameshwor Sharma Chalise. Born in 1932 Bikal died in 2008. He was born in Gokarna in the Kathmandu Valley.

Bikal did his B.Ed. in 1960, and worked in education sector. His early stories featured socialist and anti-establishment themes. The government wasn’t happy by his writing. So, he was imprisoned three times between 1949 and 1960. Bikal was the first short story writer to be awarded with the Madan Puraskar award, the biggest award in Nepali literature.