DB Lama, Ex Inspector General of Police

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Real Name – Dil Bahadur Lama
Born – 1927 (1984 BS)
Birthplace – Gerkhu, Nuwakot
Death – March 26, 2014 (84 years)

Started Police service in 2011 BS. The police force was established in 2007 and he was the 11th chief of the police. He worked as the IGP of police from 2039 BS to 2043 BS. In his tenure, in 2043 BS, the police had started recruiting women in police force by open competition. He also started female traffic police at that time. Lama started Police Hospital (Mahargunj) in 2040 BS. He is also credited for a number of other positive steps in the police force.


Lama was also one of the most controversial police officer. In 2036 BS he is accused of causing a police suppression at Chhintang of Dhankuta. 15 people were killed in the suppression.

Lama didn’t have much education. But, he was very close to the Prime Minister Tulsi Giri and the Prince Dhirendra Shah. On their recommendation, Lama was appointed IG of police.

Lama’s tenure as IGP ended on Jestha of 2043. After a few months of his retirement, he was accused of gold smuggling. At that time, a Rastriya Panchayat parliamentarian, Chandra Bahadur Gurung was arrested with 22 kg gold at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Lama was accused of being the main person who had planned for the smuggling. Lama was arrested with Bharat Gurung, the chief body guard of Dhirendra Shah. In that charge both Lama and Gurung stayed in jail for five years.

Later, the court didn’t find enough evidence of their involvement in the smuggling. Lama accused the palace of fabricating the case to punish him. After the political change in 2046, DB Lama joined Nepali Congress. He was also elected as a Nepali Congress parliamentarian in 2056 BS from Rasuwa. He was also made the assistant minister during the prime ministership of Sher Bahadur Deuba.

DB Lama has written a book about his time in confinement by the palace.

Amar Chitrakar, Nepali artist

One of the most well known artists in the history of Nepal, Amar Chitrakar was born in 1920 and died in 1999. Amar’s family, the Chitrakars family, was a part of the only painting based art clan in Nepal.

Amar grew up in Kel Tole near Indra Chowk. In his early days, he helped his father in their family retail business. He worked as a shopkeeper for many years.

After noting noting Amar Chitrakar’s interest in painting, his father encourage him to follow his interest. He was happy Amar’s interest to follow the family tradition. He didn’t go to art school but decided to learn painting from an artist, Tej Bahadur Pun. Pun was well known for his artistic skills at his time and he also used to design coins and paper currency.

Amar Chitrakar worked in oil and water color and he also made stone sculpture. He also took photography during his years with writer and artist Bal Krishna Sama. Some of the most popular paintings of Amar Chitrakar include the paintings of the Kings, Quuens and Rana prime ministers.

A 1958 stamp of “Air / Inauguration of Nepalese Airmail Service” by Amar Chitrakar (Left) and a 1959 stamp of “Opening of first Nepalese Parliament” by Amar Chitrakar (Right)

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Narayan Wagle, journalist and author

Narayan Wagle is a well known journalist and an author in Nepal.

Profile of Narayan Wagle

Name – Narayan Wagle
Birthday – Ashad 4, 2025
Birthplace – Dharmapani, Kyamin Chapthok VDC, Tanahun
Eduction – Bachelors
Spouse – Nikita Wagle
Daughter – Nasala Wagle

narayan wagle

Journalist Narayan Wagle

Wagle started journalism career in ‘Janamanch’ weekly. In Kantipur Daily, Wagle started as a reporter and progressed to news editor and finally became the Chief Editor of the newspaper, one of the country’s largest circulating newspapers.

  • Editor of Kantipur Daily till 2008
  • Editor of Nagarik News until May 18, 2012
  • Editor of Setopati online newspaper (as of September 2015)

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