Why is Harry Potter more successful than other fantasy books?

If you have read the books, will easily understand why it is more successful than any other books. Watching Harry Potter films won’t explain it that well. But, the books are really lively and anybody can relate the story to their own life. Although full of fantasies, the problems faced by the 11 year old boy are very realistic and how he deals with them is heart touching.

Harry Potter’s struggle for freedom makes you feel like our own struggle. The story of the man whose career is ruined by someone else’s mischief. The friends like Ron Hermione and teachers like Dumbledore and Severus Snape the character that knowingly sacrificed his whole life for Harry. Some of the things are better felt than explained.

The success of the book can be felt in better way than in explaining. Because, the plot is set in a fantasy world but all the characters are real life characters. So, one might say, it is not possible to answer why Harry Potter books are more successful without delving into the Wizarding World created by the author JK Rowling..
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Seto Dharti, Novel, Amar Neupane, 2012, (Madan Puraskar winner novel)

A Madan Puraskar winner novel ‘Seto Dharti’ written by Amar Neupane. The Puraskar (award), Madan Award is the biggest literary award in Nepali literature.

First published in the March of 2012, the book gained a rapid popularity among the book readers. It was a best seller in Nepal. The novel is about the bitter reality of a child widow in Nepali society. The story is painful and sad.

Summary of Seto Dharti

The story of the novel is based on the life of a girl named Tara. She is a simple girl living in a remote village. Like every other child, she also spends her time playing with other children. Like other girls in the village, she is married ogg at a tender age of seven. At that age, she didn’t not even understand what it meant to get married.

After marrying Tara, her husband had to go for his studies to Banaras, India. But, he died in the remote place, leaving his innocent wife, Tara, a child widow. The story is about all the difficulties in Tara’s life as a widow. After the death of her husband, she returns back to her parental home.

Once in her birth home, she tries to forget the pain and live her life peacefully. After the death of her mother, she had to take over all the responsibilities of the house.

As the time passed, and she became an adult, situation turned such that she had to leave the parental home and relocate herself to Devghat, a religious place in Chitwan. In the place, she constructs a small hut and lives a boring life.

The story mainly tries to reveal the terrible cultural practice, in the name of religion, called child marriage. This story also portrays the pain of a child widow living her whole life without company.

Listen “Seto Dharti” by Amar Neupane from Shruti Sambeg in the voice of Achyut Ghimire.

Chuli, Novella, Sarubhakta, 2018

Sarubhakta’s short novel “Chuli” is also translated to English language and published by the name ‘The Peak’. The novel is translated by Subhash Ghimire and is published by Sahityakar Sarubhakta Sarokar Kendra, Pokhara, Nepal.

Chuli is the story of human adventure and survival – a big peak os success. It is a wonderful fiction of a non-mountaineer that highlights the challenge of climbing, dangers, exciting and wonderful experience difficulties, magnitude of Everest, risk, accident, suspicious death experience, Geography, climbing narration, providing technical knowledge, atmospheric pressure, climbing tools to be used, the remote site name information, etc. This is a successful mountaineering fiction in Nepali literature.

A short part from the book “The Peak”, translated by Subhash Ghimire:
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Seto Bagh, Historical Novel, Diamond Shumsher, 1973

Seto Bagh is a historical novel by Diamond Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. Brought up in Rana family, the family that ruled Nepal for 104 years as the de-facto-ruler prime ministers.

‘Seto Bagh’ means ‘White Tiger’ in Nepali. The novel published in 1973, revolves around the life of the Jagat Jung Rana, the eldest son of Jung Bahadur Rana. Jung Bahadur Rana is the ruler who started the Rana regime in Nepal that ruled the country for 104 years.

The plot is set around the time when Jung Bahadur Rana was in power and after his demise. It has been translated into French, English and Japanese.

The novel describes Jung Bahadur Rana losing his grip over the control of the palace and also the fall of his sons and the rise of his nephews to power. However, the novel is like a sequel to Diamond’s previous novel ‘Basanti’ where he wrote about the rise of Jung Bahadur along with his love life.

Seto Bagh is more like:

– a biography of Jagat Jung.

– describes the love relation between Jagat Jung and the Princess, the daughter of King Surendra Bikram Shah.

– starts with the mention of ongoing war between Nepal and Tibet. The love story between the two goes on as the war proceeds.

– the emotional state of Jagat Jung as he fights

– the urge to accept the Princess’ love.

– the fear of being called a sinner and cheat for stealing his cousin’s fiancé being greater than the courage of accepting his own feelings for her, he tries his best to make her hate him.

– With the help of their cousins and the support of their family, they are got married.

– Although his love life becomes successful, his chances of being the heir of the Prime Minister’ position (Shree 3 Maharaj) were dimmed.

– it shows the downfall of the bright and talented Jagat Jung and rise of his cousins.

– the sons of Dhir Shumsher Rana massacred their own clan in cold blood (Uncle and sons of Jung Bahadur Rana) for the power.

About Diamond Shumsher

The Seto Bagh writer Diamond Shumser was born on 5 July, 1918 in Palpa Durbar, Tansen. He enjoyed a privileged upbringing as a Rana son and was a captain in the Royal Nepal Army. In 1948, he wrote the novel Basanti. The Rana rulers thought it to be against the
Rana regime and he was arrested. He later joined the political opposition against the regime and was a member of the Nepali Congress Party from 1954 to 1987. He wrote this novel Seto Bagh in 1970. Diamond Shumser died at the age of 92 in Kathmandu in 2011.

Summary of Seto Bagh

As this novel is the historical novel, it is said that it does not resemble each and every historical events that happened through the time-line. Being based on the unspoken part of the fall of Jung’s own family, the novel presents the heart taking sequence of the conspiracy and the massacre that had thrilled the whole Nepal at that time. Jagatjung the lamp of the Jung family is the lead of the novel as the novel starts with him and ends with his death. The princess of Nepal falls in love with Jagatjung which leads to the broken promises of marrying Bir Shumser. The seedling of hatred gets planted here as in the novel when bubudhai (a woman who fed milk) of the princess came to know about the affair between Jagat and the princess, she had said, man can be not only the hound but also the demon for a girl. Later when they two got married, Bir Shumser also marries Dhanhajuri, the cousin sister of the princess, whose married life does not seem happy. As the tradition of the palace, Crown prince Trailokya marries two sisters of Jagat who give birth to a daughter and a son respectively. The crown prince and his brother were planning to make Jagat the prime minister of Nepal after the death of his father Jung Bahadur as Jung Bahadur had set up the roll of being prime minister on his own way where it will firstly go to his brothers and only to the sons.
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The Constitution of Nepal 2019 BS (1962) – PDF download

The constitution that was the basis of the party-less Panchayat System, The Constitution of Nepal 2019 was implemented by the King Mahendra. The Constitution was active throughout the Panchayat System from 1962 to 1990. The constitution was amended three times in that period.

the constitution of nepal 1962

The constitution was written by the committee under the leadership of then Minister of Finance Rishikesh Shah with two other members – Kuleshowr Rana and Angurbaba Joshi. The Constitution Committee was formed on Baisakh 26, 2019 (May 8, 1962) with a 23-days-long deadline for the formulation the constitution (deadline Jestha 19, 2019). The first Constitution with the provision of active leadership of the King was announced by King Mahendra on Poush 1, 2019 (December 16, 1962).

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The Constitution of Nepal – Preamble (Part 0)

The Constitution of Nepal

The following video shows the Preamble of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS in audio (in Nepali) with the English sub-titles. In the video, the text shown is the video is read.

The transcript of the sub-title:

We, the people of Nepal, in exercise of the sovereign powers inherent in us,
Embracing the sovereign right of the people and the right to autonomy and self- rule, by maintaining Nepal’s independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national unity, freedom and dignity,
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The first Constitution of Nepal – 1946 (Download PDF)

The Government Act of Nepal – 2004 is the first constitution of Nepal. The government led by Rana regime adopted the governing law in 1946 (2004 BS). That was three years before the Rana regime was overthrown by the King.

constitution of Nepal 2004 BS

At the time of the adaptation of the law, there was a huge disagreement among the Rana official. To formulate the first law in Nepal, a ‘Baidhanik Sudhar Samiti’ was formed. Bahadur Shumsher JB Rana was named to head the body but, when Bahadur Shumsher refused to take the responsibility, Shimha Shumsher JB Rana was named the president and Subarna Shumsher Rana was named the secretary and Kulnath Lohani was named the advisor. The draft prepared by Rana duo and Lohani. The constitution was finalized on Magh 13, 2004 BS by the prime minister Padma Shumsher JB Rana and it was scheduled to be fully implemented by the end of 2005 BS. In the constitution, the kings, “Shree Panch Maharajadhiraja of Nepal” had to delegate all the powers of the State to the Rana prime ministers, “Shree 3 Maharajas.”

After issues in the implementation of the constitution, Padma Shumsher JB Rana resigned from the post of prime minister. The new prime minister Chandra Shumsher JB Rana shelved the constitution and made it ineffective.

Full text of the constitution is attached.
1948 Constitution of Nepal 2004 Government Act (English)

Highlights of the Constitution of Nepal 2015

Here are the highlights of the new Constitution of Nepal (2015).

constitution of nepal highlight

The constitution has:

  • 35 Parts
  • 308 Sections
  • 9 Schedules


  • Schedule 1 gives the details of the National Flag of Nepal
  • Schedule 2 is for the National Anthem of Nepal
  • Schedule 3 details the Coat of Arms of Nepal
  • Schedule 4 Provinces and Districts within Provinces
  • Schedule 5 gives the List of Federal powers/jurisdiction
  • Schedule 6 List of Provincial powers/jurisdiction
  • Schedule 7 List of concurrent powers/jurisdiction of Federation and Province
  • Schedule 8 List of powers/jurisdiction of Local Level
  • Schedule 9 List of concurrent powers/jurisdiction of Federation, Province and Local level

The details of each of the parts of the constitution are listed below. For each of the part, there will be an audio recording in coming day. So far, the recording of the first 6 parts of the constitution is complete. 
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Nepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe

palpasa cafeNepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe
Author – Narayan Wagle
Read by – Achyut Ghimire
Program – Radio Bachan
Station – Ujjyalo 90

The novel ‘Palpasa Cafe’ by journalist and writer Narayan Wagle had won the Madan Puraskar – the top literature award in Nepal. The audio version of the book was read for the radio program Shruti Sambeg by Achyut Ghimire.

In addition to being award winner, novel, the book is one of the best seller books in Nepal.

The novel presents the story at the time of Maoist civil war. The novel tells the story of a painter. The first book of the author was sold 25,000 copy on the year of the release. 2061

The novel has been translated into English and Korean languages. As of July 2012, 52,000 copies of the book had been sold. The novel is also available in Ebook format. The book is believed to be the first Nepali books to be available in Amazon online book store.

After the success of ‘Palpasa Cafe’, Narayan Wagle had written the second novel ‘Mayur Times’.

Buy the book in Amazon USA (Nepali e-book):

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