Nepal Ko Sambidhan 2072 (Constitution of Nepal, 2072)

The new constitution of Nepal, “Nepal Ko Sambidhan 2072” was released on September 20, 2015 (Ashoj 3 2072 B.S.) by the Constitution Assembly. The constitution has been officially approved by the by President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

constitution of nepal audio

The constitution book was drafted by the team of 601 Constitution Assembly (CA) members elected by the citizen of Nepal. When the first CA failed to complete the writing process in its 4-years-long tenure, second election of CA elected the assembly that finalized the constitution. The first meeting of the CA after election was held on Magh 8, 2071 BS. As of Ashoj 3 the assembly had met 135 times in 130 days.

I have read the constitution (in Nepali) in the following videos:

Part 1 – Prastawana (Introduction)

Part 2 – Bhag 1 (Dhara 1 to Dhara 9)

Part 3 – Bhag 2 Citizenship (Dhara 10 to Dhara 15)

Part 4 – Bhag 3 Rights (Dhara 16 to Dhara 23)

Part 5 – Bhag 3 continues (Dhara 23 to Dhara 36)

coming soon

Part 6 – Bhag 3 continues (Dhara 37 to Dhara 46)

coming soon

Part 7 – Bhag 4
coming soon

The book “Nepal Ko Sambidhan 2072” is available online to read. You can download the PDF version of the book by clicking here.

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