The Constitution of Nepal 2019 BS (1962) – PDF download

The constitution that was the basis of the party-less Panchayat System, The Constitution of Nepal 2019 was implemented by the King Mahendra. The Constitution was active throughout the Panchayat System from 1962 to 1990. The constitution was amended three times in that period.

the constitution of nepal 1962

The constitution was written by the committee under the leadership of then Minister of Finance Rishikesh Shah with two other members – Kuleshowr Rana and Angurbaba Joshi. The Constitution Committee was formed on Baisakh 26, 2019 (May 8, 1962) with a 23-days-long deadline for the formulation the constitution (deadline Jestha 19, 2019). The first Constitution with the provision of active leadership of the King was announced by King Mahendra on Poush 1, 2019 (December 16, 1962).

Some facts about the constitution:

  • The constitution has 20 parts, 97 clauses and 6 Annexes.
  • The single parliament was called Rastriya Panchayat.
  • In the constitution, the sovereignty and state authority were vested in the King.
  • The constitution could only be amended by the King.
  • The provision of Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) was detailed in Part 13, clause 77 and Clause 78

Three ammendments of the Constitution:

  • Magh 14, 2023 (January 27, 1967)
  • Mangsir 26, 2032 (December 12, 1975)
  • Poush 1, 2037 (December 15, 1980)

The third amendment draft was prepared by a committee formed on Poush 1, 2037 under the leadership of Basudev Sharma with other members Dhrubabar Singh Thapa and Kamal Rana (female). The first election after the amendment was held in 2038 BS.

Download the English version of the constitution


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