Chhakka Panja 2 song music stolen, Deepak Raj Giri responds

A song titled ‘A Daju Nasamau …’ was released on Friday and got an immediate popularity. But, the music of the song was accused to be stolen from a veteran musician Kancha Magar Nepali. The original musician wasn’t even credited in the music video. The video got additional views because of the scandal.

It was accused that the music arranger and the singer Almoda Ran Uprety had copied the song when Prince Nepali had once played it to him. The great-grandson of Kanchha Magar, Prince Nepali, is a well known sarangi player in Nepal. Right after the issue was covered in the media, the credit to the original composer was added in the comment section of the video. The producer and the actor of the movie, Deepak Raj Giri, admitted the mistake in a status update in Facebook. Full statement of Deepak is:

Who is Kanchha Magar Nepali?

Late Kanchha Magar Nepali is the father of well known folk-singer Ram Sharan Nepali, grand father of world renowned Shyam Nepali’s grand father and great-grandfatehr of a Sakshyam Band member, Prince Nepali. Four generation of Kanchha Magar Nepali are active in the music field.

Born on 1977 BS, Kanchha died in 2063 BS at the age of 86 years. The song has been played by Kanchha and his grandson Shayam Nepali and the great-grandson Prince. Almoda had heard the song from Prince. But, when he used the song in ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ he apparently didn’t disclosed the true creator of the song and the music.

Almoda Rana Uprety and music stealing

It was not the first time Almoda Rana Uprety was accused of music stealing. There was a scandal of Almoda stealing music of another musician. When the original creator complained, Almoda had copyright can’t be claimed on a folk song. I believe, Folk song or other songs, the original creator should always be credited when using their creation.

After the ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ scandal, Almoda will have a tough time on recreating the damaged image.

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