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Rekha Thapa’s Dashain

Dashain of actress Rekha Thapa will be full of her new release ‘Himmatwali’ scheduled to release on the Fulpati day. She will be more focused in the promotion of the movie rather than enjoying the festival. (Read more in RekhaThapa.net)

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Shilpa Pokharel’s Dashain

‘Lazza’ actress Shilpa Pokharel gets excited of the festival. She likes everything from tika, jamara, meeting relatives and having fun. Shilpa’s hometown is Biratnagar and her grand parents, parents and her uncle aunts all still live in Biratnagar. So, she will be visiting her hometown for the festival.

When she was little, she used to collect the Dashain gift money to purchase toys. Once, when her mother gave her less money than she expected, she had cried a lot. She has received the biggest money gift of Rs. 5,000 and the lowest she had got is Rs. 100.

Keki Adhikari’s Dashain

Actress Keki Adhikari will be celebrating the festival in Kathamndu as usual. The most important aspect of Dashain for Keki is meeting her relatives. She says, Dashain is the only time she gets to meet some of her relatives. When she was a little girl, the money gifts used to be the most important part of the festival. These days everything else is more important than gifts. (Read more in keki.info)

Nandita KC’s Dashain

Nepali actress Nandita KC is not celebrating Dashain this year by taking Dashain tika. Although she won’t worship the gods and take tika, she will enjoy the festival as usual.

Ashishma Nakarmi’s Dashain

Actress Ashishma Nakarmi likes the festive environment, tika, kites and family environment. In her childhood she used to like Dahsain swing the most and she still loves to take a swing. Ashishma says that money gift wasn’t a main part of her childhood.

Harshika Shrestha’s Dashain

The shooting of Harshika Shrestha‘s upcoming movie ‘Lootera’ starting right after the festival. She is currently busy in the preparation of the script. This year’s Dashain of Harshika’s family members are gathering in her home. So, she expects it to be more fun.

Harshika likes the tika and meeting elder members of the family members. In her childhood she used to demand new dresses.

Komal Oli’s Dashain

After 4-5 years of missing the festival at home, singer and actress Komal Oli is staying home to celebrate Dashain. In her childhood, Komal was more demanding of new and beautiful clothes, a lot of money gifts and she was also fan of good foods.

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