Deepa confirms, Chhakka Panja team left NFDC Award because they were not happy

Last week, during the NFDC National film award program the producer and the director of ‘Chhakka Panja’, Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula left the venue mid-way. When the movie won two Best Movie award, they were not available to receive it. That created a controversy for which Deepak and Deepa wrote Facebook statuses too. Deepa ‘personally’ thanked the organizers and Deepak told that there is no requirements that he needs to stay till the end of the program.

There were report that Deepak told, “We are not here to clap for others,” before he left the venue. Comedy actors Jitu Nepal and Kedar Ghimire had also left with Deepak and Deepa. So, when Kedar Ghimire won the Best Comedy Actor award, he wasn’t there to receive it.

Deepa in an interview with an online channel told that the accusation that they ran away from the program is false. She told that they didn’t have any complaints against the award organizers.

She told that Deepak and Deepa had work to do, similarly Jitu and Kedar had a meeting. The explanation however doesn’t make sense at all. But, in her later statements it is clear that she was lying.

Deepa says, “The timing wasn’t right – the award was awarded right after we got out of the venue.”

According to Deepa’s response – they were worried that they won’t get the award as all other awards were awarded to other films. She says, “We were confused about the criteria of being a best movie. For a movie to be a best movie it would have a best cinematographer, best music. But, it turned out we were ignorant. We got the wrong impression.”

Deepa adds,”We have a feeling they were right and we were wrong.”

My video report:

It looks like Deepa is happy that she got the Best Director award for her first movie as a director and she added that the award ceremony was

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