Doctor had told to cut one of her legs: Sanchita Luitel secrets

A beautiful actress Sanchita Luitel has recently told some of her secrets in an interview with an online magazine.

Here are some of the secrets people don’t know about the actress:

  • Sanchita is the eldest daughter in the family.

    – Sanchita is called ‘Munu’ at home. The childhood name of Sanchita is still being used to call her at home.

  • Sanchita grew up in her parental home at Battisputali, Kathmandu. There used to be a fish pond in front of her home. She used to sneak to the pond to watch the fishes and play. Once, she fell in the pond and had to be admitted to the hospitsl.
  • Sanchita says, her “boyfriend” since her childhood was her father. She used to talk to her father about everything in her life. She was much closer to her father than with her mother.
  • In her childhood, she was a good little girl. The school was nearby and she used to go to the school with her father. She never had any issues in the school and she was very friendly with her friends. Academically, she always used to be the second in the class.
  • At home she used to watch movies and play games. Although she never thought of acting herself, she used to be impressed by the characters. She however didn’t have any favourite celebrity.
  • Like at school, Sanchita also didn’t have any issues with her sisters. Once after she got married, her younger sister asked Sanchita, “Why didn’t we ever quarrelled?”
  • Sanchita grew up in a combined family. All the family members inclulding her father, mother and her uncle were working. Everybody helped while cooking and doing household chores. Although she had helped in the group, she didn’t do the household work alone while at parental home.
  • Sanchita liked to wear smart and being attractive. Her father was very supporting in buying everything she wanted.
  • In childhood, Sanchita used to be sick a lot. One of her feet was two inches longer than the other. That was why she used to walk limping. A doctor had recommended to go to India and cut the foot to make it even. But, one of Sanchita’s relative had similar problem and the surgery didn’t worked for her. So, they were skeptical about the surgery.
  • At the time Sanchita was 9-years-old, her father took her to a doctor and asked to plaster her foot. The doctor (Dr. Ashok Baskota) wasn’t willing at first. The father demanded the doctor to plaster her foot. After nine months of plaster, her foot got better and she didn’t have to go through surgery.

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