Earthquake relief materials of a film unit snatched by locals before reaching the destination

The ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ film unit was on its way to take earthquake relief materials to Selang Bari of Sindhupalanchowk, the birthplace of director Nischal Basnet. But, the locals in Bhote Selang, about one kilometer before the destination have snatched all of it. Although they were also the earthquake victims, the film unit has expressed its sadness on being unable to reach the destination.

chankhe shankhe pankhe earthquake relief

According to the film director Sudarshan Thapa, Bhote Selang has about 30 houses and the government had distributed about 20 sacks of rice before their materials were snatched by the residents. The locals had mistakenly thought the film unit’s material was the government assistance. Sudarshan has told that they had relief materials costing around Rs. 400,000.

A 7-member team comprising of the movie producer Sanotsh Sen, actress Pooja Sharma and director Sudarshan Thapa had gone to take relief material to the director Nischal Basnet’s village. Driving was tough as there were various obstacles on the way and they had to clear the way as they drive. After the incident, there is no plan of the film unit has no plan to take more relief materials to the place.

In a Facebook status actress Neeta Dhungana had questioned the motivation of film units to use promotional materials in the name of supporting earthquake victims. Director Sudarshan Thapa has responded by saying that the film unit is more interested in social work than film promotion (read the debate screenshots).

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