First breeding centre to save vultures in Nepal

white backed vultureAfter the Vulture Restaurant, conservation effort in Nepal continues by opening its first vulture breeding centre to try to save the birds from extinction.

Of the eight species of vultures found in Nepal, the white-rumped and slender-billed vultures are categorized as critically endangered.

The numbers of both species have plunged in Nepal and India and scientists say the decline is largely due to farmers dosing their cattle with diclofenac, a drug used to treat inflammation, poisoning the scavenging birds.

The plan is to capture at least 10 breeding pairs of vultures for each of the critically endangered species and keep them initially in two aviaries at Kasara in Chitwan National Park, said Dev Ghimire, an official with Bird Conservation Nepal.

“This is just a beginning and more pairs will be subsequently trapped and released,” Ghimire said. “It is a very important project and needs long-term commitment.” (Reuters)

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  1. one fo the best projects ever that cares for mother nature.i wud b very glad if u people kindly publish how actually the conservation going on progress. this may include the capture and breeding.

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