Full Movie – Kanchhi (Shweta Khadka, Dayahang Rai)

Nepali Movie – Kanchhi
Starring – Dayahang Rai,Shweta Khadka,Ashant Sharma,Anu Shah,Kameshor Chaurasiya, Nir Shah etc.
Director – Aakash Adhikari

This is the new year 2076 release in YouTube. Happy New year to you all.

This movie is the comeback movie of actress Shweta Khadka after her newly wed husband, Shree Krishna Shrestha died in 2014. At that time, their film ‘Kohinoor’ was released. It was such a sock to Shweta that she went into a depression. After a lengthy treatment, Shweta become better and, this movie is the result. Aakash Adhikari was the director of the last film of Shree Krishna Shrestha, ‘Kohinoor’. The movie became a superhit movie earning a record breaking amount in theatre. ‘Kanchhi’ was also well received by the viewers when it was released in 2017.

Watch the full film here:

Credit – Budha Subba Music

There are a lot of positive comments in the movie page of YouTube. Enjoy the film.

Starring – Dayahang Rai,Shweta Khadka,Ashant Sharma,Anu Shah,Kameshor Chaurasiya,Prajwal Sujal Giri,Binod Neupane, Bhumika Shrestha,Ramesh Adhikari,Jay Nanda Lama & Nir Shah

Music by Arjun Pokhrel and Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
Choreographer: Basanta Shrestha
Color Grading: Renish Phago
Cinematographer: Purushottam Pradhan
Editor: Banish Shah / Bhupendra Adhikari
Animation: Anupam Shah
VFX: Shree Krishna Shrestha
Asst. Camera: Sher Bahadur Lama
Asst. Directors: Dipta Prakash Adhikari / Sulabh Pahari
Asst Dance Director: Dipendra Timilsina
Dress Designer:Robin Pariyar
Writer: Yam Thapa
Action: Himal KC
5.1 Mixing: Mukesh Shah
Theatrical Trailer: Bhupendra Adhikari
Post Production: Kindle Cine Studio
Production Designer: Arun Regmi
Production Manager: Dilip Pant
Co-Producer: Rabin Khadka
Producer: Shweta Khadka / Shailesh Khadka
Chief Asst. Directer: Ram Saran Koirala
Director: Akash Adhikari

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