I am comfortable, says a Nepali student, a call girl in Australia

A 24-years old student of an University of Australia, is working as a call girl for the cost of living. Apart from working in cleaning service and massage centre, Sakuntala (name changed for privacy) also visits homes to provide sex-service to customers.

Sakuntala works at massage centres at Parramatta, in the New South Wales state and cleaning services located nearby. But, the majority of her income comes from the internet escort services. The customers pay her price in the internet and call her to their home. Sakuntala says, “I go to their place and serve them. It pays me well.”

According to Sakuntala, she charges $150 for an hour of service. The amount is prepaid to her bank account before she shows up. She says, she knwos at least 5-6 Nepali girls who do the same thing. Sakuntala says, “We are happy to earn living by selling sex.”

Nepali Call Girls in Australia

According to reports, there are almost 100,000 Nepali living in various parts of Australia. Based on the information of Sakuntala it is estimated that more than 100 Nepali girls are working as escorts in Sydney area alone. She says that, the customers of Nepali girls are usually of Nepali, Indian, Indonesian and Australian origin. She says they do behave well and she hasn’t faced any problem so far. As prostitution is legal in Australia, she doesn’t have any legal issues in providing such service. Sources say that some girls who had worked as models in Nepal have also chosen to serve as call girls in Australia.

Sakuntala says, “We are very busy and we don’t have any extra time. So, the customers won’t get any extra time than what they had paid for.” Most of the girls also have regular works to attend, so they are always in a hurry when serving customers.

Sakuntala is pretty happy by the service she provide. She says, “I know what I am doing. So, I am comfortable to earn money this way.”

She has an online presence where people can contact her up and book an appointment. When asked where one can find her, she told that she is in Locanto, a local classified advertisement service, and other similar websites.

Similar to Sakuntala, other Nepali girls living in cities like Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane are also providing similar services to their clients. Lakuri TV source says, these girls are only working part-time as call girls and they have other regular jobs for the cover up. As the Nepali population in Australia is increasing day-by-day, more call girls are expected to be serving in the growing community.

Have you met any Nepali call girls in Australia (or any place in the world)? Please share your experience. We might have a followup on the issue in future posts.

Based on a report in Lakuri TV (lahuritv.net, Nepali language report)

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