Kantipur is enlightened – Miss Nepal, Sadichha got interviewed

Kantipur didn’t know when Miss Nepal 2010 was held (at least its loyal readers don’t). Last time, I questioned their loyalty to their readers and specifically asked for their explanation. I wrote emails to the kantipur officials, with the links to those posts about Miss Nepal and Kantipur. But, they played deaf (attached email screenshot), yet again! It was not the first time I didn’t get a reply from them. Last time, when I wrote about Smita Thapa and Maya Bazin, my emails didn’t get any reply.

A hat-trick of no replies is enough to prove that that the Kantipur officials are self-centered, short-sighted, and don’t know their responsibilities.

It took 5 days for Kantipur to finally realize, Miss Nepal has nothing to do with Indian Embassy or Dabur. With that enlightenment, they sent Fulman Wala to take the interview of Sadichha Shrestha.


Better late than never. I hope the Kantipur officials will take appropriate decisions at appropriate times in the future.

While Nagariknews (the rival newspaper, separated from Kantipur publication) had four articles about Miss Nepal on its front page (screenshot below, was taken on Sept 5), today’s interview on Kantipur was the first mention of Miss Nepal after the event held on Sept. 1.

One thought on “Kantipur is enlightened – Miss Nepal, Sadichha got interviewed

  1. Good Job! And of course thank you for your hard work on finding where one of our leading news company is being concerned. I think they still have some stupid news editors…..and a team of management…who don’t know which one should be cover head…

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