Keki Adhikari graduates with a MBA degree

Nepali actress Keki Adhikari is one of the most educated artist in the Nepali movie industry. She has recently graduated with a MBA degree in Human Resources Management. The actress has also written the thesis in the film related topic. Talking in the graduation ceremony held at Yak and Yeti Hotel, Keki told, “I was worked full time as an actress while working in movies and also as a full time student during studies at the same time.”

Video report:

Keki debuted in Nepali movie ‘Swor’. Before that she was a successful model in music videos. Keki is waiting for the release of her upcoming movie ‘Love Sasa’.

Keki also wrote about her studies in Facebook:

I am not sure if holding a Masters Degree will change anything for me in future or not. But, I sure am proud of what I have accomplished today. Those extra hours I had to study in between my shooting schedules, those sleepless nights to cover classes I had missed. And, sitting through the final exams during the turbulent times of my family life. Yet, against all odds, I overcame all the hurdles and crossed the finish line. This one is for myself.

Congratulation to Keki Adhikari for the success. I wish Keki all the best in her future.

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