Mahasush artists teaching traffic rules in street

At the time of the release of the movie, ‘Mahasush’ producers have started a promotion campaign to create traffic rule awareness by the actors of the movie. The event organized in association with Yatayat Majdoor Sangh was held in Gongabu Bus Park. The actors of the movie distributed pamphlets and distributed stickers to be posted on vehicles.

mahasush promotion traffic awareness

The stickers and pamphlets focus on creating awareness on the danger of driving vehicles in high speed. Actor Aryan Sigdel, actress Keki Adhikari, actress Benisha Hamal, producer Kalyan Ghimire and director Nawal Khadka were present in the event.

The movie is scheduled to release on August 16.


At the current time when no movies have been successful in capturing the interest in Nepali movie goers, innovative film content and advertisements are necessary if a film maker wants profit from the movie. Film makers create controversies, advertise in media, create contest with huge prizes. When none of these common tools failed to work film makers are starting to do other things to create a buzz. ‘Mahasush’s traffic awareness campaign is also one of the forms of advertisement to promote the movie.

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