Moral brigade for Bollywood actresses

A hindu organization in Tamil Nadu, India seem to be forming a ”moral brigade” for film actresses these days. Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) wants to enter actresses’ wardrobes to choose which dress is decent and which is not. The group has filed a complaints against bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat over the issue of improper attire at a film function.

HMK accused the actress of wearing transparent and skimpy clothes. (source)

Mallika does wear bold dresses but I don’t think it is problem of a religious organization to point fingers on them.

Don’t you think the South Indian actress, Shriya, in the adjacent photo is decently dressed for a public party?

The Hindu organization had forced her to apologize for the ‘indecent’ act of wearing a dress on which she was featuring in a film.

The organization was objecting to the outfit (in the picture) worn by her during the 175th day celebration of the Tamil blockbuster, Sivaji-The Boss, on January 11 2008.

”I was unaware of the repercussions that would arise because of the attire I wore during the function. I came to know about the silver jubilee function while shooting for a Hindi film in Thanjavur. I came to the function directly from the shooting spot,” she said, conveying her apology to all Tamilians through the media. (source)

Well, well you can wear something in screen and can’t appear in public wearing the same dress! I thought a film is more public than a function – may be I am wrong. But it sure is weird! I believe the same people will happily watch the Hindi film she starred with the dress without any second thought.

There was also a controversy about a Tamil actress talking openly about premarital sex some three years back.

Political parties and a few among the film fraternity in Tamil Nadu have taken offense at South Indian actress Khushboo’s remarks on premarital sex and have demanded an apology from the Mumbai-born actress. Volunteers of the Dalit Panthers of India stormed the office of the South India Film Artistes’ Association in Chennai, carrying brooms and slippers, and demanded an apology from the actress. (2005 news)

The actress Kushboo continued to face the cases as the Madras High Court. However, similar cases filed against
Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen by a Madurai lawyer, accusing them of conniving with a local eveninger for publishing their pictures which were obscene in nature, was quashed last month by the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court.

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