Movie Reviews – case study of Nepali movie Swor

swor-poster As I had already talked on previous article about how Nepali reviewers review movies. And I also wrote about how is it done. During the release of the movie Swor, my notion about the irresponsibility of Nepali reviewers proved right.

Different newspapers published reviews of Swor and they tried their best to create to discourage audience not to watch the movie. I am not saying that those reporters did wrong reviews. They were were right in their point of views. They did their best to show all the negative points of the movie.

Most of the reporters were able to point most of the negative points of the movie. My thumbs up to the reporters whose reporting helped the director of the movie, Prasanna Poudel in realizing the weakness of his movie.

But, the movie wasn’t all bad. There were some good aspects of the movie too. It is sad that the reporters couldn’t see the positive aspects of the movie. The reviewers were full of negativity and no positive aspects of the movie could get published in the newspapers. It is sad, the movie makers didn’t get their share of thumbs up they deserve for their effort in the movie. Swor wasn’t that bad to ignore some of the positive aspects of the movie. We can get all the negativity in other reviews. So, let me point out some of the positive points of the movie:

  • Story was new and fresh for our film industry and doesn’t resemble with any Bollywood movies.
  • Music and background music of the movie was awesome.
  • New faces did a good in acting.
  • Direction and location was good and fresh.
  • Promotion and posters were appreciable.
  • Dialogues were good and new as compared to other regular movies.
  • Character and scene of Lute Don was really excellent.


But, I didn’t read about these points in those reviews. It seems, the reporters of those newspapers are not aware of what should be written and what not to write. When talking about the negative aspects of the movie:

  • Although the story of Swor was new and fresh, it wasn’t narrated in a proper way.
  • In it’s publicity campaign, Swor was told to be the first musical movie in Nepal. But, the viewers had to wait for the musical aspect of the movie until after the interval.
  • Swor team told that they had invested a huge amount in its music. But, except for two songs of Sugam and one song of Swaroop Acharya, other songs were average.
  • A music launch ceremony was organized with a cocktail party. But the audio CDs wasn’t released in market even after the movie was released.
  • In the movie, the main theme, musical activities were overtaken by love activities. I was wondering, how come it became a musical movie instead of a love story?
  • Before its release, it was advertised that the music of the movie was sold to 2s music for about 5 lakhs. But, neither its audio/cassette are available in market nor its CRBT were publicized properly. I wonder, how could the company recover the money from the audio it purchased for premium price.

Well, these negative aspects of the movie were not reported by the mainstream media reporters. Does it suit to miss such important aspect of a movie by the newspapers they represent?

These reviews are important for the success or the failure of a movie. So, I believe our reporters need to do proper research and analysis before writing movie reviews for newspapers.

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