Murder 2 – poster plagiarism – can also happen in Bollywood

I thought, it can only happen in Nepali movies, – a low grade trick to copy the idea from other movies’ posters to design their posters. But, I am proved wrong!

Big banner Bollywood movie Murder 2 did the same – not in one but two of its posters. The sequel to the 2004 superhit film Murder, Murder 2 is told to be a Bollywood erotic thriller film.

The two posters above are one of Murder 2 and another of a Korean movie named Bad Guy. In the Murder 2 poster the actress Jacqueline Fernandez is shown siting with a mirror with the reflection of the actor Emraan Hashmi. The original poster of Bad Guy has the exact same thing, although, Jacqueline is seen wearing a cloth to cover the lower part whereas, in the original poster the woman is not wearing anything.

The second poster (below) is also inspired by a Hollywood movie Anti Christ. In the original poster the tree trunk full of tree roots have a number of hands peeking out in scary manner. the actor and actress are shown engaging in an intimate embrace. The Murder 2 version of the poster is similar except the actor and actress are engaged in less intimate emrace.

The copy-cat designers in Nepali movie industry might be relieved by the fact that more resourceful Bollywood counterparts do the similar tricks.

The movie in itsels has nothing except for abundant hot scenes and nice music.

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