Nepali Drama – What to Do

what_to_doNepali Drama – What to Do
Artists – Silvana, Sarashwati, Yubaraj, Kamalmani, Pashupati, Lokendra, Dagmar
Directors – Dagnar Elgart, Yubaraj Ghimire

The play was performed on June 28 and 29 of 2012 at Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu, Nepal. The organizer of the play was Shilpi Theatre.

A Nepa-English drama with a fusion of Nepali and Swiss artists.

Part 1

Part 2

… khursani ni hale hunchha,
hale hunchha pyaag
golveda allu hale jhan mitho swaad …

Part 3

… No Laligurans

Yes Laligurans
Actor vaye si challenging role nai garne ho

Sagarmathha mai banchhu

Part 4

… China comes, India Comes, then they will enjoy Switzerland as they have account in Swiss bank…

Established in 2006, Shilpee Art Group was started by seven young artists. In the course of time, some founding members left the group and some new members joined and there there were seven core members in the group at the time of this play. The group also has small and cozy theatre of 70 seats.

Shilpee aims to bring both professional and amateur artistes together. The group however doesn’t have open membership system.

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