Nepali movie – 9 O’Clock

9 oclockNepali movie – 9 O’Clock
StarringSumina Ghimire, Dhruba Dutta, Dixya Pathak, Padam GC etc.
Director – Baburam Dhakal

A controversial movie ‘9 O’Clock’ was popular for the hot scenes of actress Sumina Ghimire and her affair with the producer of the movie, Ramesh Sambedana. The affair got a new height when she was spotted at the airport with the producer on her secret trip to Malaysia.

The start of the movie was controversial when Film Development Board (FDB) found the script unacceptable. They allowed the shooting after the script was modified as required by the FDB.

The movie was premiered in Doha on the new year and was released on March 29, 2013 was also featured in Indian television stations Sony and Zee TV.

We don’t have the full movie yet, so here is a less than 20 minute preview of the movie.

9 O’Clock Preview

Video credit – Music Nepal

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