Nepali Movie – Barbad (Jiya KC, Niru Mohara movie)

barbadNepali Movie – Barbad
StarringGK Sharma, Jiya KC, Ganesh Giri, Niru Mahara etc.
Director – Rim Bishowkarma

About ‘Barbad’

A presentation of GK Sharma for Redline Films, ‘Barbad’ is the movie featuring actress Jiya KC in leading role and made on a sex themed story. The Censor Board  had refused it’s approved declaring that 80 percent of the movie (see below) is vulgar and not appropriate. The hot photo-shot of actress Jiya KC for the movie promotion had created also created a lot of talks at the time of the release of the movie.

The story and the concept of the movie is prepared by GK Sharma and the director Rim BK has written the script and edited the movie.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Film is removed – watch title song :

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‘Barbad’ Star Cast

The lead actor of the movie GK Sharma himself is the producer of the movie. He had produced a number of movies in sex theme. The lead actress Jiya KC was one of the most criticized actress in the Nepali movie industry. The most notorious movies of all was ‘ATM’ (Watch ‘ATM’ here). The actress was featured in hot scenes and delivered vulgar dialogues in a lot of movies including ‘Barbad’. But, Jiya failed to succeed as an actress. These days, Jiya is not seen in movies. It is rumored that Jiya and actor Bhuwan KC are living together in Bhuwan’s home. Although they are together, they don’t share photos of them.

Actress Niru Mohara had also done hot photshots. She wasn’t much successful as actress either.

(short interview) Jiya says, she doesn’t do vulgar films:

‘Barbad’ Poster

80 percent of ‘Barbad’ vulgar – Censor Board

Originally published on : Apr 2, 2013 @ 06:47

The censor board has rejected the movie ‘Barbad’ for being too much vulgar and unsuitable for release. The movie scheduled to release this week will most probably be delayed because of the tussle with the censor board.


Narayan Sanjel of Censor Board has told that more than 80 percent of the movie is vulgar. He added, the movie can have negative impact in the society, so the Board can’t approve the movie to release in the present form.

‘Barbad’ features actress Jiya KC and the producer GK Sharma in lead roles. Jiya is known for vulgar dialogues and scenes in her previous movie ‘ATM’. The movie was banned by the Censor Board for failing to remove some of the objectionable scenes. In an interviews previously, Jiya had told that ‘Barbad’ features hotter scenes when compared to ‘ATM’.


barbad poster 1

‘Barbad’ is made under the banner of Redline Films and produced by GK sharma. GK Sharma has also written the story and is the lead actor in the movie. The movie is directed by Rim Bishowkarma.

Actress Niru Mohara

Actress and model Niru Mohara has modeled and acted in a couple of Nepali movies. In addition to Nepali movies, Niru had also acted in a couple of Bhojpuri movies. She did show enough skin to create a short-term popularity. But, she couldn’t remain active in the film industry.

These days, Niru is not active as an actress or model.

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