Nepali Movie – Chandal

Nepali Movie – Chandal
Starring, Karishma Manandhar, Kiran DC, Sunil Dutt Pandey, Chiranjibi Basnet, Daman Rupakheti, Surbir Pandit etc.
Director – Arun Kumar Jha

Nepali movie ‘Chandal’ is the first film of CB Films. Sunil Dutt Pandey is the new face in the movie. Anita Silwal and Rojan Jangam are the child artists. The movie features art of Gopal Bhutani, action of NB Maharjan, editing of Pappu Sharma, choreography of Kamal Rai, cinematography of Murari Thakur, music of Sambhujit Baskota, and script of the director Arun Kumar Jha. Mahendra Budhathoki is the chief assistant director and Chiranjivi Basnet is the producer of the movie.

Full movie in a single part:

‘Chandal’ Star Cast

Rajesh Hamal – The superstar of Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal was best suited on-screen with actress Karishma Manandhar. Read biography and list of movies of Rajesh Hamal in the following link:

Karishma Manandhar – Actress Karishma Manandhar is considered one of the most beautiful actress in the Nepali film industry. Karishma had recently produced movie titled ‘Fagu’. Like Rajesh Hamal, on screen appearance of Karishma has been slowed these days. Read Karishma’s biography and list of her movies in xnepali in the following link:

‘Chandal’ poster

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