Nepali Movie – Flash Back – Farkera Herda (2010)

Uddhab Poudyel Presents:
Nepali Movie– Flash Back ( Farkara Harda) 2010
Starring: Nikhil Upreti, Aryan Sigdel, Yuna Upreti, Neeta Pokharel, and Nir Shah etc
Directed/ Written – Dayaram Dahal

Full movie single part:

Credit – Music Nepal

The Nepali movie Flash Back is a ditto copy of South Indian (Telugu) movie Nuvvostanante –

Star Cast:

Nikhil Upreti – The most popular action actor Nikhil made a comeback in 2015 with ‘Bhairav’ as a director. It seems he still has the star power he used to have half-a-decade earlier. Nikhil’s profile and movies are listed in the following page.

Nikhil Upreti films

Aryan Sigdel – The most popular actor of Nepali film industry (as of 2015), Aryan Sigdel

aryan sigdel's films

Yuna Upreti – Actress Yuna Upreti has become another actress who has moved to the USA and has stopped appearing in movies these days.

Nir Shah – One of the most popular character actor, director and producer, Nir Shah is one of the most influential person in the Nepali film and television industry. The profile and the list of movies featuring Nir Shah are listed in the following link:

nir shah movies

28 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Flash Back – Farkera Herda (2010)

  1. Thanks Nikhil and Aryan sir both u have play very good role and more interested things for that this has released before than the bollywood Ramaiya bashaie that mean this bollywood movie RAmaiya bashaiya had made the copy of our nepali movie

  2. Thanks Nikhil sir and Aryan sir both of u have played very good role in this movie and one very good interesting things for me that, this movie has released before Hindi movie Ramaiya Bashaiya

    Today i came to know that Nepalese film industry is also not less than the other film industry thanks again.

  3. hehe prabhu deva fan of this movie!!!amazing he made a copy cat movie in hindi version RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA from this nepali movie ahhh….

    • hey he didn’t copy the movie because prabhudeva
      directed same story in telugu in 2004 movie name nuvvasthanante nenuvaddantana(nvnv).you can google with movie name you will get the details.

  4. wow it’s good movie but not quite cause they copy from hindi mavie that not so good but it’s okey

  5. u know what who made this film might be super man if he had chosen an actress who can fit with a proper actor like aryan sigdel…………….. not that actress who can’t even know how to talk her own language.

  6. specially thanks for R N dai and nikhil dai.this movie is really nice.i like very much. actually it might be related with real events . what do u think .i think something is nothing .i mean that is R N’S word…..anyway i love this movie very very much……………………… thanks again.

  7. oo my gouse i love this movie so much and i like arayan voice he is so cute lovely i like una to nice movie keep it up

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