Nepali movie – Janmadin

janmadin nepali movieNepali movie – Janmadin
Starring – Kiran Carzy, Nirmala Bhandari, Nirmala Neupane, Rakesh Lama etc.
Director – Rabin Shree

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credit – Music Nepal

About ‘Janmadin’

The Nepali movie ‘Janmadin’ is a presentation of Creative Group, Charpane by Nischal Crazy. The movie is made on the story and dialogue of Bibek Upreti. The background score by Praladh Bimali, editing by Prakash Prasai, cinematography Binod Pandey, Monoj Shrestha. Music by Hasta Pariyara and Sabita Dhimal, choreography by Doshi Nabin Subba, action by Manoj Lama.

Star cast of ‘Janmadin’

None of the artists of the movie ‘Janmadin’ are well known artists. The director Rabin Shree had directed a number of other movies available in xnepali.(Both ‘Sambandha’ and ‘Ajambari Saino’ are not currently available to watch.) The lead actor of the movie, Kiran Crazy is also the producer of the movie.

Ujjwal Kandel is the child artist in the movie.

janmadin preview nepali movie

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