Nepali Movie – Kundali

kundali nepali movieNepali Movie – Kundali
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Tanu Shree Tanu, Deepak Bhatiya etc.
Director – B K Gupta

The movie ‘Kundali’ is dubbed from Bhojpuri movie ‘Danda Bhumi’. The movie features cinematography of Dhruv Tyagi, story of Akhilesh Bedardi, lyrics by Arshad Ali Warsi, music by Uttam Singh  / Shankar Adhikari, and choreography by Raunak Raut.

Watch the full movie in single part:

Credit – Music Nepal

Star Cast:

Biraj Bhatt – The action star in Nepali film industry is now the superstar in Bhojpuri cinema. These days, Biraj is absent from Nepali films. In a news a while ago, he is planning to make comeback in a Rose Rana movie. Biraj’s Nepali fans are eagerly waiting for the movie. In the mean time, various Bhojpuri movies of Biraj have been dubbed into Nepali and released in theaters. Although they are super hit movies in Bhojpuri, Nepali market hasn’t accepted them as movies.

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