Nepali Movie – Ma Birsu Kasari

ma birsu kasariNepali Movie – Ma Birsu Kasari
Starring : Suman Singh, Ayush Rijal, Mukesh Acharya, Neeta Dhungana, Sonia KC etc.
Director: Basudev Pokharel

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About ‘Ma Birsu Kasari’

The movie featuring Suman Singh, Neeta Dhungana and Ayush Rijal also features hot actress Sonia KC. The Nepali movie ‘Ma Birshu Kasari is the second movie of Padma Kumari Films banner. The movie is a presentation by Rimesh Adhikari.

Star Cast of ‘Ma Birsu Kasari’

The actor Suman Singh was one of the top actors a while ago. These days, Suman is not seen in Nepali movies. Actress Neeta Dhungana is active in movies. Although none of her recent movies have impressed viewers, Neeta has signed in a couple of movies recently. Neeta’s last release, featuring her boyfriend Amesh Bhandari didn’t do well in the theater. Rumours of breakup between the two is going on in the film sector. Actress Sonia KC became popular by showing off her body and hot scenes. Sonia’s hot appearance also didn’t help her in establish herself as a credible actress. There is no news about the whereabout of the hot actress and model.

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Viewer’s comment:

Tika Kumari Prasai says, “aru bhanda ramro cha.” (that was on Jun 6, 2013)

Poster of ‘Ma Birsu Kasari’

ma birshu kasari

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