Nepali movie – Nepali Babu

nepalibabu nameNepali film – Nepali Babu
Starring –  Bhuwan KC, Sushmita KC, Jal Shah, Dinesh Sharma, Sunil Thapa etc.
Director – Ugen Chopel

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About ‘Nepali Babu’

Nepali movie ‘Nepali Babu’ is a presentation of the lead actor of the movee, Bhuwan KC. The movie was liked by the viewers and it became a super hit movie at the time of its release. The movie also celebrated 100 days in theatre, a milestone in the success of a movie. The story of the movie was jointly written by lead actors and the husband Bhuwan KC and the wife Sushmita KC. The son of Sushita and Bhuwan, Anmol KC is the new sensation in the Nepali film industry. Anmol did hat-trick in by giving three hit movies in succession – ‘Hostel’, ‘Jerryy’ and ‘Dreams’.

‘Nepali Babu’ Star Cast

The producer and the lead actor of the movie, Bhuwan KC, has recently debuted as a director of his movie ‘Dreams’ featuring his son Anmol KC in lead role. The actress, Sushmita KC is the mother of his son Anmol. Bhuwan and Sushmita have already divorced. Sushmita is also debuting as a producer in her upcoming movie ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’. Actress Jal Shah was also one of the most liked actress in the Nepali film industry in her time. These days, Jal is living in the USA.

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‘Nepali Babu’ Poster
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