Nepali Movie – Palash (Rekha Thapa, Ayub KC)

Nepali Movie – Palash
Starring – Rekha Thapa, Ayub KC, Kameshowr Chaurasiya etc.
Director – Subash Koirala

This is the first movie featuring Rekha Thapa in a negative role. The movie was produced by Krisha Chaulagain. The producer had problem with Subash Koirala while shooting. When Koirala left the film, Krisha herself completed the film. The movie was released in March last year (read the release news). The movie rated A and suitable for viewers sixteen years old and older failed to impress the viewers.

For some reason the full movie is removed. Please watch the film preview in 12 minutes. The preview gives the whole story in a short video. Enjoy till the full film is made available.

Credit – Highlights Nepal

Actress Rekha Thapa agreed to do the movie because of her friendship with the producer Krisha. During the primer of the film a day before the release, the director Subash Koirala was absent. The first half of the movie, probably directed by Subash Koirala was found to be good. But, the second half was not found to be as good as the first half. In the event, actress Rekha Thapa told that the director had left the movie midway and the producer Krisha Chalagain took over the job of directing of the movie. Rekha confirmed that the bad part of the film was directed by Krisha.

The A rating was awarded to the film because of the dialogues in the movie, not the visual contents.

The producer Krisha Chaulagain is one of the most controversial producers of Nepali film insutry.

– Controversy between Krisha Chaulagain and Binita Baral – when Binita was kicked out of ‘Ke Ma Timro Sathi Banna Sakchhu’.

– In ‘Kasam Hajurko’ Krisha had an affair with the director Ram Raja Dahal. But, by the time the film was complete, Dahal and Krisha parted their ways. Krisha did the post-production all by herself.

– Krisha later married Pritam Lamichhane.

– The ‘Kasam Hajurko’ style problem with the director happened again in ‘Palash’. In previous case, Ram Raja Dahal had completed the shooting. But, in this movie, director Subash Koirala didn’t wait till the end of the shooting. In both cases, Krisha took over the job herself.

Poster of the film:

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