Nepali Movie – Rakshyak

rakshyakNepali Movie – Rakshyak
Starring, Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Suvekchya Thapa, Manoj Narayan, Rejina Upreti, Ranju Lamichane etc.
Director Sanu Shakya

Bhagbati Film Production’s second movie ‘Rakshyak’ is made on the story of the director Sanu Shakya. The action movie features action stars Biraj Bhatt and Rajesh Hamal. With Rekha Thapa and Suvekshya Thapa and Rejina Upreti, the movie has a great star cast to watch. The script and dialogue of the film in written by Shivam Adhikari. Actresses Rejina Upreti and Ranju Lamichane are featured in guest roles in the film.

Full film in single part:

Another movie by the same name movie by Music Nepal
rakshyak 2Nepali Movie – Rakshyak
Starring – Simanta, Barsha Khadka, Rabi Aryal, Muna Karki, Sushil Pokharel, Deepak Raj Giri, Kiran KC Muralidhar etc.
Director – Gyanendra Deuja

The story, script and dialogue of the movie is written by Rabi Aryal, music by Muralidhar, choreography by Basanta Jung Rayamajhi, action by Rajendra Khadgi, cinematography by Gautam Shrestha, editing by Karun Thapa.

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Film stars:

Rajesh Hamal – The superstar of Nepali film industry is the longest reining top star in Nepali film industry. Here is the list of all the movies of Rajesh Hamal featured, in xNepali.

Rekha Thapa – Actress Rekha Thapa has ruled the Nepali film industry as the top actress for a decade. She still is one of the most popular actress and film producer. Rekha has directed a movie ‘Himmatwali’ and she has also produced some of the most successful movies under her banner Rekha Films. Watch the movies of Rekha Thapa available in xnepali.

Biraj Bhatt – The action star of Nepali film industry, Biraj Bhatt is now the top star in Bhojpuri Film industry. Because of being busy in India, Biraj has stopped working in Nepali movie for some years now. There is still craze of Biraj among Nepali audiance. Watch the Movies of Biraj Bhatt by clicking in the link.

Suvekchya Thapa – Although actress Suvekchya Thapa’s acting talent doesn’t make much news, she produces her own movies and makes news by hot and controversial stuffs. She has recently got a new tattoo on her breast of Nepali flag with the text ‘I love Nepal’.

Rejina Upreti – Actress Rejina Upreti is also an well known actress in the Nepali film industry. She has stopped appearing in movies after getting married last year. Rejina tried producing a movie but, the movie failed big time.

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