Nepali Movie – Rocky

Nepali Movie – Rocky
Starring – Dinesh Sharma, Rojan Rakhal, Anu Shah, Tejula Khatiwada etc.
Director – Dinesh Paudel

About ‘Rocky’

The movie ‘Rocky’ is an action movie featuring martial arts and social drama is produced by Arjun Rai. The movie features the choreography by Krishna Achhami, cinematography of Anil Basnet, action of Ram / Janak, editing and background score by Roshan Lamichhane. Produced by Dinesh Rakhal. Script is written by the director Dinesh Poudel. Music is composed by Palan Bimali and Sawan Subba. Playback singers are Palan Bimali, Anjana Gurung, Sarita Panthi and Anju Panta.

Watch ‘Rocky’ full movie:

Credit – Music Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Rocky’

The movie mainly comprises of new actors. Well known actors in the film are Dinesh Sharma and Anu Shah. Although being beautiful, Anu Shah’s acting is not that good in the movie. The actress Tejula Khatiwada also couldn’t make an impression in the film industry.

Other actors include Rojan Rakhal, Rajendra Basnet, Raj Neupane, Ram Lama, Rupesh Upreti, Ashish Sunuwar, Meena KC, Sahadev KC etc.

Poster of ‘Rocky’

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