Nepali Movie – Sangharsha Jindagiko

sangharsha jindagiko nepali movieNepali Movie – Sangharsha Jindagiko
Starring –  Rajesh Hamal, Bipana Thapa, Sirjana Basnet, Tika Pahadi, Deepak Raj Giri, Niru Khadka, Rabi Giri, Samdey Sherpa etc.
Director – Vinod Sereng

The movie named different during the making had to be renamed ‘Sangharsha Jindagiko’ at the time of release because of a lengthy delay in making and the release. The movie was released in August of 2010. The movie ‘Sangharsha Jindagiko’ is a presentation of Kiran Bajracharya is written and directed by Vinod Sereng.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Credit – Music Nepal

Star Cast:

Rajesh Hamal – The superstar of Nepali film industry, Rajesh Hamal’s next movie ‘Sakuntala’ is going to feature him in a woman’s role. Read Rajesh Hamal’s biography and the list of his movies available in xnepali:

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Bipana Thapa – Bipana Thapa had been one of the top actresses of her time. She however left the film industry after getting married to an Indian national. These days, Bipana is living in India with her family. Read the biography and the list of her movies in the following link:

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