Nepali Movie – Surprise

surprise-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Surprise
Starring – Sabina Karki, Rajkumar DC, Kishor Sambhahampe, Madhav KC etc.
Director – Bhim Lama

About ‘Surprise’

The movie ‘Surprise’ was released in 2016. The movie features actress Sabina Karki (one of the three actresses of the controversial movie ‘ATM’). Apart from Sabina, no other artists are that well known in the Nepali movie industry. (Watch ‘ATM’ here)

The movie ‘Surprise’ features the music of Bhim Basnet, and the action of Janak Gurung and Deepak Rai. The movie features the choreographer Dinesh Limbu, cinematographer is Prakash Subba. Editing by Buddha Thapa and Heman Yonjan. Buddha Thapa is the colorist, background score is prepared by Suman Yonjan. The movie is written and produced by the director, Bhim Lama.

Watch the full movie :

Credit – Sairam Pictures

Star Cast of ‘Surprise’

The movie features the actress known for her role in ‘ATM’. The actress Sabina Karki has also assisted the director as one of the assistant director of the movie. The child artists in the movie are Krish Lama, Saujanya KC, and Jyoti Gautam. Other artists in the movie are new actors. Sabina Karki’s attempt to show her acting talent in the movie hasn’t been that successful in the movie. The movie wasn’t successful in the box office.

These days, Sabina is not active in the film industry and there aren’t any new movies of the actress these days.

Poster of the movie

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