Nepali Movie – The Return Hero

the return heroNepali Movie – The Return Hero
Starring – Riya Shrestha, Bharat Thapa, Mina oli etc.
Director – Rajbahadur Sane

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About ‘The Return Hero’

A presentation of Prem Tharu for Sangharsha Films, Nepali movie ‘The Return Hero’ is made on the script by the director Rajbahadur Sane. The movie features the choreography of Bharat Thapa, editing and mixing of Kiran Adhikari. The assistant director is Aayush BC, assistant choreographers are Bimal Sijali and Samir Bnta. Music by Rajendra Shrestha. The playback singing by Rajesh Payal Rai and Sapana Shrestha. The action director is Pradeep Khadka. The producers of the movie are Basanta Varma and Prem Tharu.

Star Cast of ‘The Return Hero’

In addition to Riya Shrestha, Bharat Thapa and Mina oli, other actors in main roles are Birendra Yadav, Anita Lamichhane, Jina Jahirulahak, Sameer Bhant, Ranjit Chaudhary, and Prakash BC. None of the artists in the movie are well known in the Nepali film industry. The actress Riya Shrestha was featured in movies like ‘Zanjeer’ and ‘Traash’. (Watch ‘Zanjeer’ here and watch ‘Traash’ here.)

‘The Return Hero’ poster

the return hero poster 1

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