Nepali Movie – Timile Diyeko Maya

timile-diyeko-mayaNepali Movie – Timile Diyeko Maya
StarringSubash Meche, Raj Timalsina, Neeta Dhungana, Diksha Bhandari, Sunil Thapa, Deepak Chhetri, Sapana Shrestha etc.
Director – Bijaya Kerung

About ‘Timile Diyeko Maya’

The movie is a presentation of Suryabinayak Movie Production by producers Sunita Sharma and Resu Dhungana. The action love story movie is directed by Bijaya Kerung. According to the comments in YouTube, the story is good enough although acting and direction is very poor. Those who like Subash Meche might find the movie interesting.

Watch ‘Timile Diyeko Maya’ full movie:

Credit – Music Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Timile Diyeko Maya’

The movie features Subash Meche an action figure in Nepali film industry. Neeta Dhungana is a well known actress in the industry who started acting in a young age. Well known villain character in the film industry, Sunil Thapa is also the main attraction of the movie. Well known actors like Raj Timilsina and Neeta Dhunana are also featured in the movie. The actress Diksha Bhandari is a new fac ein the movie.

Other movies by the director, Bijaya Kerung include ‘Majhi Dai’ and ‘Bandi’. Watch the movies of Kerung in the following list:

Poster of ‘Timile Diyeko Maya’


Please comment – what you like the most in the movie. Thank you.

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