Nepali Movie – Uni Farkera Aauchin

uni farkera aauchin nepali movie nameNepali Movie – Uni Farkera Aauchin
Starring – Sital KC, Lata Yonjan, Sandip Syangdan, Ramchandra Adhikari, Umesh Mayalu, Doma Sherpa, Manisha Rai, Pradeep Singh etc.
Director – Pradip Singh

Watch full ‘Uni Farkera Aauchin’ in a single part:

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About ‘Uni Farkera Aauchin’

The movie ‘Uni Farkera Aaunchin’ is a presenation of Shree Padmasambhav Films. The movie featuring Shital KC and Lata Yonjan in leading role is made on the story of Bhai Raja Lama. The movie produced jointly by Rukmani Singh, Hyang Lal Tamang and Bhai Raja Lama is directed by Pradip Singh.

The lead actor, Shital KC is the actor who is look alike to Rajesh Hamal. Sujata Syangdan is a new face in the movie. The director Pradip Singh is also featured as an actor. The child artists in the movie are Sunil Bohara, Suvekshya Thapamagar, Sandash Thapamagar,

‘Uni Farkera Aauchin’ Poster

uni farkera aauchin poster 1

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