Nikhil Upreti: a 15 day notice published to pay 3 lakh

Actor Nikhil Upreti (real name Dinesh Upreti) and his sister Laxmi Kharel were summoned by Gorkhapatra Sansthan to pay Rs. 2,93,832.61 by publishing a payment notice with their photos, in Gorkhapatra daily.


Nikhil used to operate an advertisement agency, Creative Ad Media and Production House, jointly with his sister Laxmi. It is not clear when Nikhil stopped working in the company. After Nikhil ran away with Sanchita Luitel and started living in India, he was being sought after by producers, directors and others because of his incomplete works.

The Gorkhapatra notice mentions that the Ad agency hadn’t paid the remaining amount and had also stopped operating. The notice mentions that the company registered in Dillibazar was previously sent letter asking for the payment and another notice was published in Gorkhapatra in Shrawan of 2068. When there was no reply from the company, Gorkhapatra had published the current notice with the photos of the owners.

Nikhil has however expressed his surprise when he knew about the notice. Nikhil told, after being busy in movies, he had transferred the company and all its liabilities to his sister. He also told that the Ad agency is currently in his sister’s name and he has nothing to do with the company.


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