Priyanka Karki celebrated birthday with Life Vision kids

On her birthday, actress Priyanaka Karki visited Haushala Zimba’s Life Vision Academy in Bhaktapur. In the academy Priyanka distributed school stationaries to the kids.

priyanka karki - birthday - life vision academy

After the event, Priyanka told that the birthday was the best birthday she had ever celebrated in her entire life. In a Facebook message Priyanka told that 38 kids in the academy loved her very much. They sang, danced for her and also made birthday cards for Priyanka.

Priyanka’s statement in her own words:

Celebrated my birthday with the 38 kids at Haushala Zimba’s Life Vision Academy in Bhaktapur and trust me, it has been the best birthday till date. I went there with stationary items like copies, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and pencil boxes to distribute, but they gave me an even bigger gift.. THEIR LOVE.. It was really overwhelming.. They sang for me, danced for me, did dramas..and they all made birthday cards for me.. HOW CUTE ♥ No doubt, the best birthday ever :)

Earlier today, Priyanka had confirmed the divorce rumors after being seen alone for the last year. After she returned from the US to start her acting career in Nepali movies, Priyanka wasn’t seen with her husband. Priyanka told that she had divorced her husband Rochak Mainali on the last birthday.

We at xnepali wish Priyanka a very happy birthday. We wish the coming year bring a lot of hit movies of Priyanaka. 

Here are more photos of Priyanka with the kids of Life Vision Academy:

Photo credit – Priyanaka Karki

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