Is Priyanka Karki killing herself?

One of the top and busiest actress of Nepali film industry Priyanka Karki is a workaholic. She is always working and she has no shortage of work either. But, being too much active has its toll. According to a new report, Priyanka Karki has fainted again in the shooting sets of a music video. That was at least, the fourth time, Priyanka had passed out in public in the last few years.

A video report:

Known history of Priyanka Karki passing out on sets:

  • On the sets of ‘Aawaran’
  • On the sets of ‘How Funny’
  • On the sets of ‘Radhe’
  • Music video shooting

Why does Priyanka passes out frequently?

According to a report published in onlinekhabar, although the doctor had told her to take a 15-days rest after she fainted at the music video shooting, she told that she is committed to go a shooting scheduled after three days of rest. The reasons of Priyanka frequently has such problems can be summarized as:

  • Priyanka Karki has low blood pressure.
  • She was diagnosed of having very low hemoglobin in her blood. According to her doctors, the normal hemoglobin in blood is 16 but the count in her blood is only 6-7. That is less than half the normal amount.
  • Priyanka says that she is a workaholic. Because of working too much she doesn’t get enough rest.
  • She is too much picky in what she eats. She also says that she is very careless about eating and eating schedules.
  • Priyanka says that she is a vegetarian.

Priyanka has admitted that she has been very careless about her body and health. She also admits that if she continues to do like that the body might not help her in what she is doing.

Priyanka should stop killing herself by working too much and take ample rest. She should also take care of what she eats and how she eats. By the way she is working, it is less likely that she is doing any exercise.

What is the solution?

This is my personal thoughts on what Priyanka should do.

  • Priyanka should stop talking (read ‘complaining’) about working too much. Or, pretending that she likes what she is doing. It is not the work she is liking – it is the loneliness she is trying to run away from.
  • I think she should find a steady boyfriend. Not an superficial affair but, a deep, romantic relations that she could erase the loneliness.

There is no need to correct anything else as, everything else would correct by themselves.

Get well soon Priyanka !

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