QFX Cinema to open in Pulchowk, 5th so far

The movie theater chain QFX is opening it’s theater in the fifth location – at Pulchowk. The theater is located at Lalitpur Labim Mall at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The theater will feature the latest technology in movie theater. According to the distribution chief, Basanta Manandhar, coffee chain, Java, has also invested in the theater.

qfx in pulchowk

The above digital model of Labim Mall is released by QFX chief Nakim Uddin. Uddin is also the president of the film theater association Nepal Chalchitra Sangh.

QFX has three other theaters in Kathmandu – Kathmandu Central, Jaya Nepal and Kumari theaters. QFX’s first theater out of Kathmandu, Jalma theater in Chitwan started its operation six months ago.

Multiplex theaters are accused of giving preferences to foreign movies to Nepali movies. Actor Nikhil Upreti had complained and gone public with his dissatisfaction when QFX theaters took out his movie ‘Bhairav’ despite of better than normal performance. Similar complaints were also heard in the past. At the time when the Indian government has imposed an undeclared blockade, CPN Maoist-Biplav faction has been trying to stop theaters from screening Hindi movies. The effort however hasn’t been successful.

Opening of new business despite of bleak economic outlook because of the earthquake of April last year and the Indian blockade is considered a welcome effort by economists.

The fifth chain of QFX at Lalitpur is scheduled to open on February 1, 2016.

QFX theaters in Kathmandu (Google Maps)

3 thoughts on “QFX Cinema to open in Pulchowk, 5th so far

  1. Yep 410 is quite costly most of d people will b happy if u can fix upto 300. Movie theatre is vry gud there is no complain abt that, if u cn do so we will b happy for sure

  2. सर
    मेराे प्रस्ताव स्वीकार्य भयाे त हुन त याे प्रस्ताव मेराे मात्रै कहां हाे र त्याहां फिल्म हेर्न अाएको दिन सिट पनि निकै नै खालि थियाे र दर्शकहरु भन्दै थिए सारै महंगाे भयाे ३०० जति भए ठिकै हुन्थ्याे भनेर यसमा यहां हरुको के विचार छ ….. गर्नुहाेला र पार्किंग त निःशुल्क हुनै पर्दछ यदि पार्किंग निःशुल्क भयाे भने कम्तीमा १००/- काे भएपनि सामान त किन्छन् नि १०० काे सामान किन्न जांदा २० पार्किंग कस्ले तिर्छ र यसैले भाटभटेनी काे व्यापार र अन्य सपिंग मलहरुकाे व्यापारमा कत्ति फरक छ ….. अाफ्नो व्यापार बढाउने विचार गर्नुहाेला शुभकामना छ नयां कार्यकाे सुरुवातकाे लागि .. ….

  3. I watched FAN movie…. I like it everything sound system and sheets also. But its costly, if can please fix only Rs.300/- for all movie. all Nepalese can not afford 410/- and Parking must be free for movie. One things If you give free parking your business must be going higher… Like Bhat Bhateni Super market. Compare with other shopping Mall.
    One option: please try this option … Those who have a Movie’s ticket please give him coupon for free vehicle parking.


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