Rajesh Hamal in Dhamalako Hamala, Will Rajesh Hamla enter politics?

Rishi Dhamala, the controversial journalist has invited the Nepali supearstar Rajesh Hamal in his program to discuss about his filmy career and the possibility of his entry into politics.

Watch the intersting program ‘Dhamalako Hamala’

Artists in Politics

Almost all the artists have entered in politics. The political parties have also actively pursued the artists as they have a huge fan base. The actress Rekha Thapa, singer Komal Oli etc. have entered Rastriya Prajatantra Party.

Actress Karishma Manandhar, Saroj Khanal etc. have entered Naya Shakti Nepal party. Similarly, actor Bhuwan KC is active as a politician in CPN UML party. A lot of other artists have entered CPN Maoist and its factions. A well known journalist Rabindra Mishra had also entered the politics by starting a new political party, Sajha Party.

Will Rajesh Hamal enter politics? That has been one of the pressing question among his fans. Rajesh Hamal had also expressed his interest in politics. But, he has kept himself from committing to one political party. But, if he is to practice politics, he will have no options but to get the membership of one of the parties. Dhamala’s interview tries to shed light in that aspect of Hamal.

Who is Rajesh Hamal?

One of the most popular and long reigning actor of the Nepali movie industry, Rajesh Hamal is one-of-a-kind actor. These days he has slowed down in signing movies, but his craze is still the same among his fans.

Rajesh Hamal’s entry in the film industry and his rumour and scoop even before he signed in his debut movie. Watch the following historical video I prepared for Rajesh Hamal:

Hamal remained unmarried for a long time. He ultimately married Madhu Bhattarai, a model half his age when he turned 50 years old. Watch Rajesh Hamal’s love story :

Who is Rishi Dhamala?

I have prepared a video about Rishi Dhamala and his funny aspects of interviews. Watch the following video to know Rishi Dhamala.

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Rajesh Hamal in Dhamalako Hamala, Will Rajesh Hamla enter politics?
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Rajesh Hamal and Rishi Dhamala

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