Rhythm actress Shweta’s husband died of COVID

In a latest report, actress Shweta Bhattarai’s husband Milan Sapkota has died of COVIC-19. Sapkota was being treated in a hospital’s high dependency unit in Chabahil. Milan Sapkota was rushed to the hospital after his oxygen level had reduced. The doctors’ attempt to treat Sapkota failed and he is reported dead at 3:00 PM on May 11, 2021.

Video report (update)

After Shweta Bhattarai married Milan Sapkota in 2014, she stopped acting in Nepali movies. The media wasn’t informed about the marriage. The news broke when Milan Sapkota shared the photos of the marriage.

After marrying Milan, Shweta Bhattarai stopped acting. Milan and Shweta have a daughter. Before the marriage, Shweta had acted in films like ‘Rhythm’, ‘Blackmail’ ‘Manav’, ‘Timi Jaha Bhayapani’, ‘Producer’ and others. She was featured with well known actors like Nikhil Upreti, Jeevan Luitel, Saroj Khanal and was featured in leading roles in a lot of movies. She was considered one of the actresses with a lot of potential.

But, Shweta Bhattarai had told that she was planning to retire in 2012.

At that time she was going to focus more in her study and pause her acting. Before acting in movies, Sweta started as a model. She was doing her Bachelor’s in Business Studies at that time. Sweta started as an actress in a television advertisement and a few music videos.

Rest in peace Milan Sapkota!

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