Sabin Shrestha asks his ex Namrata Jha to stop talking about him

Actor Sabin Shrestha has asked his ex-girlfriend Namrata Jha to stop talking about him and taking credit of his success. In his Facebook post, Sabin has told that it has already been two years since he and his girlfriend of 8-years have broken up. In the last two years, he had never called her and says that he is happy that way. We wrote about the break-up of Sabin and Namrata in 2013.

Read the full message Sabin has posted in his Facebook wall (it is in Nepali):

sabin shrestha breakup with namrata jha

From the message it is clear that Namrata has tried to take credit of Sabin’s success when she talked with others. Sabin has also asked Namrata not to interfere in his personal life.

Namrata and Sabin had actually engaged to get married but they broke up before getting married. Sabin debuted in Rekha Thapa movie ‘Andaaz‘ and was also the leading actor in ‘Hamesha‘. Rekha was also accused of causing the break up between the two.

These days, Sabin has been quite busy acting in various movies. His movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is releasing next week and he is busy in the shooting of upcoming movie with Keki Adhikari, ‘Bhaag Saani Saani’ in Tanahun.

Namrata had joined Oman Air in 2009 as an air hostess. She had also acted in music videos and is also featured in an upcoming movie by Poojana Pradhan, ‘Chocolate’. A couple of photos of Namrata Jha:

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