Sexy dance – Guess the event

Look at the following dance steps and guess what might be the program the dance has taken place in! The girl in 2-piece dress and net-stockings is Nepali actress Subekchhya Thapa.

subhechhya thapa-miss-little-idol

One clue – it is a fashion event – as you might have guessed. But, be prepared to get surprised!

The Event was Miss Little Idol, 2010. The contest of 8-13 year old kids in which a 12-year-old Sagun was crowned Miss Little Idol.

Some questions I can’t think the answers of:

  • What does the dance teach the young girls?
  • Don’t they have some decent and entertaining dances for the kids?
  • Did the parents in the audience enjoyed the dance?
  • What might these innocent faces thought during the sexy moves?


3 thoughts on “Sexy dance – Guess the event

  1. in future they will not have shyness to dance such dance, as they are used to it at this age. don’t u think so? it is really pitty they do not haave code of ethics.

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