Shilpa Films in making, Shilpa to produce Hifajat 2 in partnership with Chhabi Ojha

It seems, Chhabi is planning to produce the sequels of all the hit movies made under Rekha Films. After the completion of the sequel of ‘Kismat’, ‘Kismat 2’, Chhabi and Shilpa are busy in the preparation of another sequel ‘Hifajat 2’.

The video report on the news:

The movie ‘Hifajat’ was released in 2010. The movie had gone through a few controversies including the photo morphing in the poster and wearing religious clothes in provocative manner. For the promotion of the movie, Rekha had told that she had prepared 30 mini-skirts for the movie. Rekha had used the miniskirt as the promotional stunt. She had told that she has worn nothing but miniskirts till the end of the first half (read more about the ‘Hifajat’ promotional stunt).

Watch ‘Hifajat’ here.

There is no mention about if anybody from the original cast will repeat in the sequel. If ‘Kismat’ is to be seen as an example, none of the original cast members were repeated in the sequel.

The only thing known about the ‘Hifajat’ sequel is that Rekha Thapa will be replaced by Shilpa Pokharel. She will also be named the producer of the movie. Although Shilpa has told that she is investing money in the movie, if Chhabi and Shilpa are really having an affair as they themselves have told, Shilpa is less likely to invest any money in the movie.

Personal Note: I would request you my readers to be skeptical about these news about Shilpa Pokharel and Chhabi Raj Ojha until ‘Kismat 2’ is released. They had lied to the public during ‘Lazza’ release so, no statement from them should be taken seriously. By the way Shilpa is clinging to Chhabi’s banner they seem to be having something in between. Will they marry? I don’t bet on that. As none of Shilpa’s movies, ‘Fagu’ and ‘Brindaban’ out of Chhabi’s banner have done well commercially. But, all the movies in Chhabi’s banner had been successful. That means, Shilpa won’t be leaving Chhabi anytime soon. So, there is a possibility that they might decide to get married and live together.

As for the producing the movie, I would like to give an example of the movie ‘Dreams’. The producer and director Bhuwan KC had named his girlfriend Jiya KC its ‘Line Producer’. In the similar manner, Chhabi can name Shilpa the producer.


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