Social media is changing the society – Kanti Hospital is only an example

You can do it!

Youth can do it!!

When a photograph of a dirty toilet in Kanti Children Hospital started started making it’s round in the social networking site, Facebook, some energetic youths decided to clean the toilet. The group planned and went to the hospital to clean it up. This was not the first time they had done such praiseworthy work, but such a social movement is unprecedented and will redefine out future!


cleaning_the_hospital preparing_for_clean_up

The result:





A big thumbs up to all the participants and the organizers.

Here is an example of how they operate:

Tomorrow at Kanti Children Hospital, a group is contributing flowers for the garden, another a new water filter for the cancer ward, another is surveying the rainwater system and yet another the chlorinator to treat water, some will be vaccinating the stray dogs (30 of them), some are collecting and distributing clothes and toys… many will continue to clean. We need to change lights, and do the windows. Please join us… Nepal unites at Kanti hospital… 8 am onwards.

Photo credits – UnitingNepal (Facebook)

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